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Based on Junto's proprietary research, this session lays out a framework that organizations can use to design and implement a more balanced approach toward creating a culture that consistently behaves in an ethical way.

Gallup's recent Honesty/Ethics in Professions Poll shows that business organizations continue to struggle to gain the public's trust. The default organizational response to prevent future ethical breaches is by designing and implementing a policy-based ethical framework. The federal government has also added a layer of policy based behavior standards with legislative mandates like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and Dodd-Frank. However, these efforts have not just fallen short of shoring up public trust; public trust is actually declining.

interactive session helps participants understand how to create a better way forward to develop the kind of ethical 'muscle' that more fully taps into their respective missions, values, and vision.  In so doing companies can improve their relationships with employee, customers, and other key stakeholders and ultimately their bottom line.

The BALANCING ACT: Creating Ethically Excellent Cultures




1. Identify the elements of a balanced ethical framework

2. Describe the difference between principle-based versus policy-based ethical frameworks

3. Identify steps they can take with their organization to create a more ethical culture



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